jueves, julio 07, 2005

Velvet Dress

No, no es que me gusten, bah si de pequeño me rockeaba religiosamente con The Joshua Three y cosas asi como Rattle & Hum, aunque mi adolescentia pasó clavada bajo los impulsos pendulares del tremendissimamente darkie Achtung Baby.
La verdad es que WAR es formidable...esa mix que tiene de compromiso historico-politico con poesía del tipo Martí...imperdible a mediados de los 80´s!
Hoy en dia me "cae ok" la "actitud Bono" y de la banda too, que no dice nada nuevo, pero se queja y se la banca, aun asi, de este disco POP me gustan varios temas, este en particular estalla, tiene ese no.se.qué viste...


Tonight the moon is playing tricks again
I'm feeling sea sick again
The whole world could just dissolve
Into a glass of water
I've been good 'cause I know you don't want me to
Do you really want me to be blue as you
It's her daylight that gets me through
We've been here before
Last time you scratched at my door
The moon was naked and cold
I was like a two year old
Who just wanted more
If you wear that velvet dress
If you wear that velvet dress
Tonight the moon has drawn its curtains
It's a private show
No one else going to know
I'm wanting
Sunlight, sunlight fills my room
It's sharp and it's clear
But nothing at all like the moon
It's okay, the struggle for things not to say
I never listened to you anyway
And I got my own hands to pray
But if you wear that velvet dress
But if you wear that velvet dress
Tonight the moon is a mirrorball
Light flickers from across the hall
Who'll catch the star when it falls
If you wear that velvet dress
Deale a little bit loud, sino, nosé si pega.
Bueh, convengamos que Zooropa es un discazo too, re mutantia.

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