viernes, julio 13, 2007


Cómo me gusta Almodovar.
This movie is so great!
Aunque las ultimas tres peliculas que hizo this amazing spanish guy son increiblemente buenas.

A Penelope Cruz no me la imaginaba cuanto creció como actriz...

"*Volver is a fabulous mix of supernatural inklings and gritty realism. And while it is a story that revolves around many women, the backbone to our character plot sheds light on Raimunda (Penelope Cruz), a woman struggling through a loveless marriage, all the while trying to raise her illegitimate daughter. Her sister, Sole(Lola Dueñas), is a hairdresser with a secret business in her apartment, who is still trying to piece together her life after the death of their mother and the disappearance of her husband.

When the women take a trip back to their home town they find ,to their surprise, that their Alzheimer-ic aunt has been functioning quite well on her own, or so it seems. The aunt mumbles on about the help from their dead mother, and rumors circulate around the town about her ghost being spotted. A seed of doubt and suspicion is placed."

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