lunes, junio 30, 2008

Muse en BA

Groso vamosss! Nos vemos Allá!


domingo, junio 29, 2008

Marula Cafe - Madrid

Uff qué buena grafica
Qué buen site!
Qué buena musique.

Ahi ahi ahí
donde quiero estar, no estoy.

sábado, junio 28, 2008

Kumbia Queers

Well toda la gente que vino a la fiestita internachional les gustó tremendamente.
So, no es casualidá.

Pero podemos hacer de cuenta que...

viernes, junio 27, 2008

jueves, junio 26, 2008


Estoy en problemas.
Estás VIP en problemas.
Mis hijos están en problemas.
Mis Nonos lindos están en problemas.
Mi hermano y familia leenda está en problemas.
Mi mom está en problemas.
Mi viejo nació pobrecito con problemas.
La familia de Vivian siempre tiene problemas.
Las chicas que conozco tienen problemas.
En mi trabajo hay problemas.
En mi barrio hay pobreza problema.
En mi pais hay problemas.
En el desmonte hay problemas, para plantar soja precio oro internacional.
En las selvas virgenes hay podadoras problemas que derriban amigos árboles.
En los oceanos hay problemas, tiburones en extinción, bancos de atunes que ya no están alli,
y cientos de especies marinas que desaparecen por la depredación enlatada de nosotros, la humanidá finita.
En el cielo que es hermoso de día, hay problemas. Rayos nocivos penetran en la tierra provocando que tu sun tan no sea tan tan cope, porque tiene el germen del cancer, que antes no.
En el planeta HAY problemas porque todo lo que te cuento no te mueve un pelo, porque no hacés nada más que viajar a tu trabajo, pagar las cuentas y no regas ni plantas una sola nada.
HAY problemas en todos lados porque la politica politicamente correcta no admite el razonamiento de la gente común.
Mi problema no es que no haya problemas, sino resolver todos los días problemas que pueden ser evitados.
Si cada uno asume con responsabilidá su rol, su lugar, su libertá divina...
En mi vida hay problemas porque se me canta la imperfección.
En mi vida hay.
En la tierra hay.
En my solar system there´s you.
ESO no tiene solución.

miércoles, junio 25, 2008

Special Request for gente que vive lejos

(yeh yeh yeh en breve pics del evento)

eMail testigando el partee international del sabado pasau en casa.
Estuvo bien bueno.
Thx gente humilde y bonita de...
And Aryentains presentes!

Los kids chochos de hacer buena practice del english que llevan como segunda capa.

martes, junio 24, 2008

Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play
Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day
The sun is up, the sky is blue
It's beautiful and so are you
Dear Prudence won't you come out to play...

lunes, junio 23, 2008


Cuando uno tiene tantas pero tantas tantas tantas responsabilidades en esta vida que me tocó y que elegí: la del más acá tan bonita, no tiene tiempo para pelotudeces eh.

{ no, no, no! quiero decir las pequeñas cosas de la vida, sabes...}

Pero si, si querés nos encontramos para hacer lío.
A lo messi.

domingo, junio 22, 2008

Cancionaza del momento

Winter on BA.
Oportunidá infinita que se repite como mantra solar, esta de volver a comenzar.
Pero no. No lo sé.
No es que ocurre Gemini influence sino otra cosa.

Canción del momento este del más acá breve que se va como awa:

Jarabe de Palo que tanto escuché a fines del summer 97 y la Mari de la bandaza Chambao que cantan cancionaza: Los muchachos de mi Barrio and so on...

Dejame Vivir

miércoles, junio 18, 2008

martes, junio 17, 2008


puedo optar por bomba de humo
y batirme
en retirada...

{ bbs dixit }

lunes, junio 16, 2008

sábado, junio 14, 2008


De tu querida presencia...


{ seguiremos adelante... }

viernes, junio 13, 2008

An Energy Lesson

Energy = the ability to do work

About half a million years ago human beings learned to make fire. By collecting and burning wood they were able to warm themselves, cook food and manufacture primitive implements. Thousands of years later the Egyptians discovered the principle of the sail. Later still came the invention of the water wheel. All these activities utilise various forms of energy - biological, chemical, solar and hydraulic.

Living standards

Energy, 'the ability to do work', is essential for meeting basic human needs, extending life expectancy and providing a rising living standard.

We have progressed over many thousands of years from a primitive life, which depended for energy on the food that could be gathered, to the hunters who had more food and used fire for heating and cooking, to the early farmers who used domesticated animals as a source of energy to do work.

We took our first steps in the use of mechanical energy with the harnessing of wind and water power. Later, the industrial revolution, based on coal and steam power, laid the foundations for today's technological society, with significant developments such as the internal combustion engine and the large-scale generation of electricity.


Together with this increasing energy consumption, it has been possible for the world to sustain an ever increasing population. At present, however, three quarters of world energy production is consumed by the one quarter of the world's population living in the industrialised countries.

Continuing rapid growth is foreseen in the near future, with the world's population rising from the present 6 billion to about 8 billion over the next 25 years, and perhaps 10 billion later in the century. Most of the population growth will be in the developing countries, which is where more than three quarters of the world's people already live.

Such a population increase will have a dramatic impact on energy demand, at least doubling it by 2050, even if the developed countries adopt more effective energy conservation policies so that their energy consumption does not increase at all over that period.


can be considered in two categories - primary and secondary.

  • Primary energy is energy in the form of natural resources, such as wood, coal, oil, natural gas, natural uranium, wind, hydro power, and sunlight.
  • Secondary energy is the more useable forms to which primary energy may be converted, such as electricity and petrol.

Primary energy can be renewable or non-renewable:

  • Renewable energy sources include solar, wind and wave energy, biomass (wood or crops such as sugar), geothermal energy and hydro power.
  • Non-renewable energy sources include the fossil fuels - coal, oil and natural gas, which together provide over 80% of our energy today, plus uranium.

The availability of energy

There is no shortage of primary energy. The sun pours an abundance on to our planet each day. We see this energy in a variety of forms, ranging from solar radiation, through wind and waves, to trees and vegetation which convert the sun's rays into plant biomass. In addition, there is an enormous amount of energy in the materials of the earth's crust, the fossil fuels also storing energy from the sun. Uranium is an energy source which has been locked into the earth since before the solar system was formed, billions of years ago.

The challenge today is to move away from our heavy dependence on fossil fuels and utilise non-carbon energy resources more fully. Concerns about global warming are a major reason for this.

Fossil fuels

have served us well. Coal was the first to be widely used industrially and to increase people's standard of living. Oil is a convenient source of energy. Because of its easy availability and low price, it played an important role in the economic development of many countries during the past century. It remains vital for much transport. Natural gas is widely used alongside coal and oil, as a very versatile fuel.

But the question of "Why Uranium?" puts the focus on energy sources which are suitable for electricity. Generating electricity already accounts for 40% of primary energy use, and at 2.7% per year, demand for it is growing twice as fast as for total energy worldwide.

Where should this come from? To put the choices into perspective, let us look briefly at the potential and limitations of each source of electric power, beginning with 'renewables'.


generating facilities have the attraction of providing electricity without polluting the atmosphere. They harness the energy of falling water, which can occur naturally, but more often has to be engineered by the construction of large dams with lakes behind them. The advantages of hrdro-electricity have long been appreciated and today it provides 18% of the world's power. In many countries most of the suitable dam sites have already been used, thus limiting further major development of this source.

Other renewable energy sources have more potential for increased use, but also have characteristics which limit their ability to play a major role in meeting electricity needs, bearing in mind that much of the demand is for continuous, reliable supply:

Solar energy

has considerable logical and popular appeal. However, for electricity generation solar power has limited potential, as it is too diffuse and too intermittent. First, solar input is interrupted by night and by cloud cover, which means that solar electric generation plant can typically only be used to a small proportion of its capacity. Also, there is a low intensity of incoming radiation and converting this to high-grade electricity is still relatively inefficient (less than 20%), though this has been the subject of much research over several decades.

On a small scale (and at relatively high cost) it is possible to store electricity. On a large scale any solar electric generation has to be worked in with other sources of electricity with full back-up. While it is true that sunlight itself is free, the capital, energy and materials costs of conversion, maintenance and storage are extremely high. The main role of solar energy in the future will be that of direct heating.


like the sun, is 'free' and is increasingly harnessed for electricity. About 20,000 megawatts capacity is now installed around the world. However, in meeting most electricity demand, similar back-up issues arise as for solar. It is not always available when needed, and some means is required to provide substitute capacity for windless periods. Nevertheless, costs have come down, and contracts for electricity from some new US plants are as low as for conventional sources.


energy comes from natural heat below the earth's surface. Where hot underground steam can be tapped and brought to the surface it may be used to generate electricity. Such geothermal sources have potential in certain parts of the world, and some 8000 MWe of capacity is operating. There are also prospects in other areas for pumping water underground to very hot regions of the earth's crust and using the steam thus produced for electricity generation.


Most forests and agricultural crops are technically capable of being converted into some form of energy, even if the primary purpose of the crop is to provide food. There are also some 'energy farms', where crops are produced solely for energy production. Such farms however compete with other crops for water, fertiliser and land use, thus requiring some choice between fuel and food. Biomass does provide a useful and growing source of energy, especially for rural communities in third world countries, and organic waste and water plants can be used to produce methane or 'biogas'. Nevertheless, it is only likely to play a very small role overall.

Thus as we head into a new century, the only energy resources available for economic large-scale electricity generation are likely to be gas, coal and nuclear.


has generally become too expensive to use for electricity and it has the great advantage of being a portable fuel suitable for transport. Wherever possible it is conserved for special uses, such as transport and in the petrochemical industry.


can be seen in the same way as oil, as being too valuable to squander for uses such as large-scale electricity generation. But after the oil price shocks of the 1970s, increased exploration efforts revealed huge deposits of natural gas in many parts of the world and today these are extensively used for power stations. The main virtue of gas however is that it can be reticulated safely and cheaply to domestic and industrial users and burned there to provide heat very efficiently. It is also a valuable chemical feedstock.


is abundant and world production is about 3.5 billion tonnes per year, most of this being used for electricity. It dominates the scene, and produces 38% of all electricity worldwide, while uranium produces 16%. In OECD countries the figures are closer together: 38% and 24% respectively.


is also abundant, and technologies exist which can extend its use 60-fold if demand requires it. World mine production is about 35,000 tonnes per year, but a lot of the market is being supplied from secondary sources such as stockpiles, including material from dismantled nuclear weapons. Practically all of it is used for electricity.


The difference in fuel requirements between coal fired and nuclear power stations also affects their economics. The cost of fuel for a nuclear power station is very much less than for an equivalent coal fired power station, usually sufficient to offset the much higher capital cost of constructing a nuclear reactor. Consequently, in practical terms, electricity from nuclear reactors in many regions is competitive with electricity produced from coal, even after providing for management and disposal of radioactive wastes and the decommissioning of reactors.

As gas prices rise and coal faces the prospect of economic constraints on its emissions, nuclear energy looks increasingly attractive.

Electricity generation - the future fuel mix

For most countries the questions that need to be answered are: What are our likely electricity requirements? What forms of generation are available to us? Which combination will affordably provide our needs with maximum security, and the least harm to our population and environment?

In mid 2001, there were 31 countries of varying size, political persuasion and degree of industrial development, which included nuclear power in their energy mix and were operating nuclear reactors. Over 16% of the world's electricity is being produced by more than 440 reactors, with 30 more under construction. Belgium, China, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, UK and USA are just some of the countries with major nuclear energy programs.

In 2000 there was as much electricity produced from nuclear energy as from all sources worldwide in 1961 (2438 billion kilowatt-hours).

No country would want to be too dependent on a single energy source. For many it is therefore not a question of coal or nuclear for their main supply of electricity, but a combination of both, with as much help as possible from renewable sources, and back-up from gas.

To quote an Indian physicist, the late Dr Homi Bhabha,"No energy is more expensive than no energy".

To Investigate or Consider:

  • How important is it to provide for all the world's population to enjoy living standards comparable with those in developed or western countries today?
  • What is the role of energy in providing for high standards of living? Is it more or less important with high population densities?
  • Since 1960 the proportion of electricity in total energy use has almost doubled. Why is this?
  • There is a view that increasing the proportion of electricity in total energy used is the most effective form of energy conservation. Why might this be?
  • What factors are likley to affect the price of fossil fuels over the next 20 years?
  • What will be the effect of increased prices for them, especially oil?
  • What are the different waste management strategies for spent nuclear fuel in UK, France and Japan on the one hand and USA, Sweden and Switzerland on the other?
  • What are your answers to the three questions in the fourth last paragraph in the main text above?


Of course, left aside of this article learn about the current crisis food with a direct relation in the production of "bio fuel" based on natural "green" oil.

Next chapter.

jueves, junio 12, 2008

Actitud Naufrago

... en una hipotetica isla paradisíaca luego de haber sobrevivido a un naufragio en algun lugar de la polinesia en el Pacifico no menos fabuloso que el supuesto inicial:

Listita >
  • Una chica re contra re fuerte: Joven Rubia Virgen Caida del Heaven.
  • El palito y la piedrita para el fuego evidente: Apagarlo cuando pase algun tipo de civilización cerca y no sea necesario ser rescatado.
  • Papel para escribir + lapiz: Para luego publicar el relato de mi supervivencia y hacerme extremadamente famoso.
Si que es que ... porque si no, y no.

miércoles, junio 11, 2008


Como buen jugador del Halo.
Fanatico mal de Star Wars.

Listo. Ahí tenes.

martes, junio 10, 2008

Todos Saben

Que te quiero.

Que lo haré a cualquier forma.

Que lo haré a cualquier precio.

Cuando el viento cobra...

Yo te pago en besos.

Siento tus labios en mis labios morir...

He cruzado descalzo los salares en invierno.
He tomado la planta, he resuelto el misterio!

lunes, junio 09, 2008

HP C4100

See Nonita que dejaste la guita para comprar los cartuchos de la HP la semana pasá, que estás exigiendo las pics anuales del malón diabólico pero sabes qué?...
NO NO NO cobré por razones que EXplicaré más adelante por este mesmo canal, el cheque fucking cheque de 4 cabezas...grrr
I hate viva hate cobrar los trabajos en cheques, esas colas en el banco son terro ri fi cas.

Y me gasté tu guita mal en otras cotidianas domestiqueces...

La puta que los parió de paso.
No porque hayan hecho el pago mal esta gente nah.
No me voy a putear en vivo, sa be lo.

Cuando hago mal las cosas: silencio oficial.

Tres meses sin camara for pics! vamossssssssss!!!
Asi estamos che.

domingo, junio 08, 2008

300 patadas en el coolo

O sea está re ok porque somos humans viste.
Esto de separarse. Esto de divorciarce.
Dale gas que no veo la hora se llama el lema.
Pero no pará.
Se me ocurren tannnnnntas cosassss.
No solo sexo nah no ni ahi.
NO es eso si no que...

Cuando me pedís la casa que tannnnnnnto me costó conseguir.
La ley te ampara.
El juez. El boga.
Las cosas, la alineación de los planetas.


O sea, cómo puede ser si no es asi como debe ser, por qué razón no te vas a la mierda vos.
Y yo me quedo justamente con la casa que conseguí, que es herrrrmosa mal, que pago, que trabajo, que le pongo todo encima mal mal mal, y vos te vas a un caño tal cual, y listo.
Un capo to tal.

Y venime a buscarrr.

Digamos que tenemos suerte y es ahí donde me imagino al emisario persa cayendo al pozo de una patadaza...;P

sábado, junio 07, 2008


Hoy sabado hermoso a la mañana, me fui con las laidies a hacer el "ultimo" trámite de la Zafira, bien y resulta que entre medio de lleno de canas mal viste ahi en la planta verificadora de autos de la poli en Juramento, bueno bien, resulta que me lleno el formu con tinta ROJA o sea i mean ROJA, yo sin saber claramente que NO podes llenar NINGUN formulario oficial claro está (not for me offfff course) con tinta roja, bien: $ 40 de mássssssssssssssss por OTRO formu.
Bien mientras hacíamos con las chicas Belgrano a tope que tan bien conozco AND Nuñez ni te cuento (les conté a las chicas toooooooooodo mi rollo con PSM que no es otra que Paula [como si fuera la primera vezzz...pero en FIN], quizás porque el día estaba leeendo oh mi amorrrrr what a nice day!), no tenía un mango más ni uno más porque además de pagar un cuarenta de + que NO estaba en mi presu, bien, nos hicimos con las pocas monedas para la nafta que teníamos, bien se las pusimos a la nave, y nos fuimos rauuuuuuuuuudamente a Lugano a ver a la abuela Chela, bien ete aqui que mi mom querida como pocas nos tira un cien y ahi SI hicimos supermarket mal, nos gastamos casi todo, antes pusimos una cuanta nafta, y aqui estamos AUN viendo pelis en este sabado que estaba herrrrrrrrmosi, pero que se puso gris, frio y puto como tantos en winter.
SIGAMOS con el nuevo DISCAZO de los BA ba ba ba so nics!



Pd: A esttttttttttta hora de la noche SI, mucha birra nueva Quilmes: red.

viernes, junio 06, 2008

Un día

Te voy a dejar de querer.
Y mirá, viste que yo no dejo de querer a NADIE.

Bueno zas, viste, pum, andá a cagar.

NO te abro más la puerta mono.

Viste. Cortala.
Yo soy yo, y vos sos una tipa aparte.
Luego de quince juntos. Viste.
Deberías ponerte las peelas ah,


Por mi cama pasa un río sabes.

jueves, junio 05, 2008

MUSE en Argentina


More info>>



miércoles, junio 04, 2008

Cassandra´s Dream: a Woody Allen Movie


Mientras suena en este tope de post:


Subite al caballo negro que te llevo a to p e!

martes, junio 03, 2008

Bird day

O día pajaro.
Yo que tigre.
Yo que Geminis.

Cumplo 34 en par de semanas. OhYeah! : treintaycuatro.
Cumplo dos años en la compañía (y no quisiera).
Feriado justo esa semana.

Puedo pedir que te quedes conmigo también.
Pero sería mucho pedir.

Y para eso prefiero otras cosas.

Como conducir ahora que si, que puedo, escuchando los Pixies como se me canta.

Sing blue silver.

Ps: O un flash Bian que está re Ramones. She´s a punk hablar.