sábado, mayo 12, 2012

Garbage: Not Your Kind of People


 Porque alma Beatle is in everywhere around here.

We are not your kind of people
You seem kind of phoney,
everything’s a lie.

We are not your kind of people
Something in your makeup,
don't see eye to eye

We are not your kind of people
Don't want to be like you,
*ever in our lives.*

We are not your kind of people
Find when you start talking,
there's nothing but white noise.

Aaahh Aahh Aaahhh Aahh
Aaahh Aahh Aaahhh Aahh

Run around trying to fit in,
wanting to be loved.
It doesn't take much,
for someone to shut you down.
When you build a shell,
build an onion in your mind.
You cant sit still,
and you don't like hanging round the crowd,
They don't understand.

You dropped by as I was sleeping
You came by to see the whole commotion.
And when I woke I started laughing
The jokes on me for not believing.

*We are not your kind of people
Speak a different language
we see through your lies.*

We are not your kind of people...
Won't be cast as demons,
creatures you despise.
We are extraordinary people of people...
We are...


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