viernes, enero 28, 2005

Oingo Boingo Mary

Oh mary wasn’t happy with the life that she led
She was a simple girl without much to say
So one day she just upped and left her dreary home
And she left all her friends behind to wander all alone
And at first she was afraid, she was so far away
From her home but slowly she got to like it anyway
Oh mary won’t you please come...

Well in time she found that
The mountain that she had been taught
Her whole life, that she must avoid
And though at first it hurt, and no one could comfort her
She finally came to appreciate it
And she like it, she like it - oh wasn’t she surprised
And though still alone, she grew so much inside
Oh mary won’t you please come...

And after a time, she became so sublime
She could look in peoples eyes and read their minds
Though her hands would sometimes bleed and occasionally
She would long for her past and the memories they bring
She decided to return to her old home town
And her heart was burning with all the things she found
Oh mary won’t you please come...

So, mary came back and at first no one recognized her face
And her friends were all a little bit afraid
When they heard what she had to say
They all slowly backed away
And her family took her aside and put their arms around her
They said mary won’t you please come back to us now
There is still time to repent for all your sins
And mary started to cry when she realized
That she’d never come home again in her life

Oh mary won’t you please come
Mary won’t you please come home...

10.000 puntos en la escala ritcher de gemini.
Una canción sin tiempo. Eso.

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  1. buenos dias cielo ,un besote.

  2. buenassssssss.
    otro besote.

  3. buenos diasssssssssss.
    un besote.

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